Metal Stamping

Precision Metal Stamping and CNC Manufacturer Service Industries Worldwide

FCL’s streamlined and simplified metal stamping process takes the guesswork out of your metal stamping project. Our evolved metal stamping model begins with a review of your print specification and ends with preproduction run at our facility. We are a metal stamping manufacturer of high repute, serving industries across the world. Our precision metal stamping services are:

Our resources and capabilities

Experience as a metal stamping manufacturer is our greatest advantage in a highly competitive market. At the same time, we boast unmatched expertise in working with metals and alloys such as: Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Bronze, Magnetic Alloy, Cold Rolled Steel, Metal Spring Steel, and Stainless Steel.

Our precision stamping facility is equipped with state-of-the-art presses that can produce thousands of metal stampings at a time. We can make dies and stamps that meet exacting dimensional tolerances, even with the most intricate contours.

We provide precision metal stamping solutions for electrical and electronic consumer products, appliances, medical and surgical equipment, architectural metal stamping, and more.

Rapid prototyping – our unique selling proposition

Our continued research, development, and investment in prototyping technology have enabled us to provide rapid prototyping services. Delays in the prototyping stage can be detrimental to your subsequent project deadlines. With FCL, this aspect shall never be a cause of concern. When reliability matters, FCL’s rapid, quality prototyping will never let you down. Your search for the most professional metal stamping manufacturer ends at FCL.

Our metal work capabilities ranges from a wide spectrum of metal fabrication: metal stamping, metal turning, electro cutting, CNC(5 & 6 axis). All types of metal coating from electro-plating, powder coating, anodize, PVD, and precious metal plating. Our CNC capabilities range from tooling to mass production of metal components.

Here’s what you can expect from our metal stamping manufacturing services:

We place a tremendous amount of emphasis on our R&D prototyping capabilities, because we understand rapid, quality prototyping is key to facilitate your new project being completed in a timely fashion.

We specialize in complex, intricate, difficult, precise, close tolerance, long run, short run, high volume, and custom metal stamping.

We will review your application and look for an achievable solution. Our engineering group has developed and designed solutions that have proven that dedication and innovation will ultimately conquer any task at hand.

Starting with a thorough review of your print specifications and finishing with a preproduction run at our facility, we strive to supply a production ready progressive die that is quality capable and easily maintained. We will work to your progressive die design standards or ours.





Magnetic Alloy

Cold Rolled Steel

Metal Spring Steel

Stainless Steel


Tapping, Reaming, Drilling

Counter Sinking, Counter Boring

Machining, Stenciling

Heat Treating

Mechanical Finishing

Plating–All types

Painting–Enamel and Powder Coating

Silk Screening

Weld Fasteners, Standoffs, Nuts

Spot and Wire Feed Welding Parts

Mechanical Joining Parts

Installation of Custom Hardware

Appliance metal stamping

Architectural metal stamping

Communications metal stamping

Connector metal stamping

Electrical metal stamping

Electronics metal stamping

Hand tooling metal stamping

Hardware metal stamping

Medical device metal stamping

Shielding metal stamping

Telecommunications metal stamping

Blanking tooling

Coining tooling

Compound tooling

Forming tooling

Progressive tooling

Progressive compound tooling

Our metal stamping tooling boasts a lead time of 2-3 weeks. First article off tooling for approval in 1-2 weeks.